"For Sale by Owner" Checklist

Here are some questions which are helpful for sellers to think through as they are preparing to sell their home.

1.) Have you selected someone to serve as the 3rd neutral party on your transaction?

2.) Have you considered what time contingencies you will allow for the following:
          a. Loan Approval and processing 
          b. Home Inspection 
          c. Termite Inspection

3.) Do you have a system in place to ensure you’re not wasting time with unqualified buyers?

4.) Have you completed a full market analysis to ensure your home is priced correctly and to determine how long it might be on the market?

5.) Do you know how to determine if your home has been appraised properly?

6.) Do you have experience in writing a purchase contract on a residential mortgage sale?

7.) Have you taken time to write out a "marketing plan" for your property?

8.) Have you already received a pre-approval for your next home purchase?

9.) Have you started looking for your new home yet?

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